No. 2, Lorong Kelab Polo Di Raja, Ampang Hilir, 55000 Kuala Lumpur

Architect : Veritas Architects Sdn Bhd

ISKL is unique in the way it was conceive and the direction it had taken to provide a space to facilitate learning. In designing a learning space that will be beyond the conventional and the requirement to benefit not just the students but also the community while creating a space that the students and staff can take ownership while future proofing the school, the designers and the school set up a unique design process that started with the idea of inclusivity of everyone associated to the school. A series of it workshops was conducted with the Board, Head of School, teachers, parents, students (even the young elementary students), security, bus operators etc. and 690 pages of ideals were concluded. And from these ideals it was tempered with practicality, future proofing and projection to the future. ISKL was design to be of an International standard of learning with local flavor and the design starts with the fundamentals of ventilation, light, orientation, inside out spaces and a rainforest tree sanctuary. It added the learning methodology of learning through the ages from play and discovery in the early years within a nurturing environment to the guidance but exploratory elementary years to the clustered learning of middle years and the facilitation and subject based in high school. Housed in academics fingers the spaces are by level of learning ability and they take ownership of these spaces. These fingers are interspersed with landscape courtyards and light shelves to maximize natural sunlight. As these spaces are fairly scheduled it utilized water chill slab and fans to reduce the energy consumption of a air conditioned space. The soul of the school is the Performance Centre with a proper theatre, recital hall, black box and a multipurpose hall/black box looking into an Amphitheatre that great the visitors on arrival. The heart of the school is further in where 3 pool, 2 indoor sports halls, 1 outdoor basketball court and 2 tennis courts as well as 3 football pitches and a running track form the west side of the land all viewable from the academic fingers from their external balcony and staircase creating the in and out spaces but also the mind and body of a learning environment. The jewel in the school is tucked to the corner where rainforest trees such as Meranti, Berlian etc are planted in a green enclave with water source and recycled wakaf forming part of the space and while it is still sparse with the young trees, its legacy and learning opportunity will be in the future in 20 plus years as ISKL invest not just for now but for the future and buy taking ownership to plan for spaces to be used, blank walls to be owned/painted/activated.

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