99L, Jln Tandok, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

Architect : PAM Council

A landmark fixture of Bangsar, the PAM Centre is designed with considerations for the environment, culture and society with a timeless and minimalistic approach in overall design and detailing, befitting PAM’s aspirations as a centre for architectural advancement and development.

The Architect, Ar Mohd Heikal bin Hasan came up with a design that was elegant and an efficient solution on a very tight and highly constrained site. Its east-facing front facade showcases a strong but simple grid that creates a flexible canvas for various screening devices to be deployed. The diagonally stacked and landscaped open atriums on the street façade make a distinctive tropical statement. The stepped atriums alongside the long single-flight stairs open up the stairs, creating a dramatic central connecting space to unify the whole building.

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